Luggage has a history of stylish schlepping in a

Pining for stylish luggage in the era of the black roller bag

On my one and only college spring break trip, I was still high quality designer replica handbags wholesale enough of a kid to be excited about being served two in flight breakfasts one for each leg of my trip home from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. and I happily consumed both. Those in air pancakes and sausages are no more. Nor it often seems is much of the thrill of flying. The redeye was delayed, and yawning passengers were more than ready to begin their eastbound snooze.

The carry on bags parked beside seats at Gate 43 did little to keep eyes open; most of the luggage looked as uninspired and road weary as the passengers’ in transit duds. Out on the concourse, travelers streamed past, seemingly sleepwalking as they guided wheeled bags like leashed pets. Only a herringbone patterned spinner and a red leather trimmed navy tote stood out from the parade of somber black.

Oh, for a set of vintage Starline luggage in mint green to enliven the scene.

Can style save us from the travel tribulations of seat back kickers or talkers, like the adult armrest sharer wearing a furry teddy bear sleeping mask who warned me that she had a nervous bladder?

Maybe not. But one can’t help but yearn for a scene more replica louis vuitton fashion runway than cattle call. Luggage has a history of stylish schlepping in a supporting role. American Tourister ads paired Oscar winning actress Eva Marie Saint with a set of lipstick red bags. Audrey Hepburn traveled with classic Louis Vuitton fake louis bag in “Charade.” And in “Spectre,” James Bond toted Globe Trotter, a favorite of Queen Elizabeth II.

In the 1954 Hitchcock movie “Rear Window cheap replica handbags ,” Grace Kelly opens a sleek Mark Cross overnight case and a fluff cheap replica handbags of ivory colored peignoir a confection of a negligee emerges with a pouf. Doubly stylish. Their classic overnighters and petite train cases are still available, including the one Kelly used so effectively in her cinematic campaign to win Jimmy Stewart’s heart.

My mother had a blue train case with an emphatic flip open latch, a vanity mirror and cosmetic tray with a covered section for bobby pins and the like. I imagine it was her portable powder room, a hard sided escape where she could retreat to Max Factor, Avon and Chanel while vacationing with five children and a husband.

In the era of the jingle “See the USA in your Chevrolet,” it was popular to display travel stickers on cars’ rear passenger windows badges as colorful as sedans once were. Ward Dietrich, president of the 70 year old replica louis vuitton handbags , family owned London Luggage high quality replica handbags china Shop in Midtown Detroit, remembers his parents returning from ski trips to the Swiss Alps with resort stickers festooning their luggage.

Dings in aluminum luggage the classic German made Rimowa, favored by Martha Stewart and the patina of well traveled leather bags also say you’ve been places.

But it’s modern functionality that most excites Dietrich when he talks travel gear. He extols features of Rimowa and Briggs Riley bags, such as “heavily engineered” four wheel construction, wardrobe compression systems (to accommodate more clothing per case) and pockets with radio frequency identification, or RFID, blocking that shields items from technology theft.

Performance is the main issue in contemporary bags, he says, with design that can withstand the rough climate of international air travel. Function before fashion.

Does that mean baggage claim high quality replica handbags china carousels will forever resemble art openings filled with circulating patrons in de rigueur black? Not necessarily.

A trend in special edition cases indicates we may be unpacking a new attitude, with cheerful bags echoing the optimistic lan of a former era. Luggage makers are doing more and more collaborations with celebrities and designers, adding cachet to cases. In June, a transparent polycarbonate Rimowa X Off White case debuted in Paris. (The limited edition see through carry on was designed by Virgil Abloh, the American fashion designer and DJ who is the menswear artistic director for Louis Vuitton.)

The Away brand, a relative newcomer to the luggage crowd, is known for its built in phone charging capability, as well as its affordability. But in a nod to traveling in style, the brand collaborates with celebrities and artists, such cheap louis vuitton bags from china as jet setting photographer Gray Malin, whose colorful, limited edition cases with linings depicting Malin’s aerial photos, sold out Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica shortly after their release last October.

Similarly, Louis Vuitton collaborated with American artist Jeff Koons last spring on a line fake designer bags of bags for its Masters collection that featured iconic artwork plus a nod to Koons’ own balloon rabbit. Earlier this summer, the company offered a special edition, soccer ball inspired FIFA 2018 World aaa replica designer handbags Cup Russia bag, the Keepall Bandouliere 50.

In addition to new, edgier collections, throwback travel pieces remain available. Several venerable companies, such as Rimowa, Louis Vuitton and Smythson of Bond Street, the 130 year old British leather goods company, offer champagne carriers, dice pouches, writing folders and cases for Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags cigarettes and pencils that evoke the days of leisurely travel in private train compartments.

Where does that all leave us in a time of ripstop nylon backpacks and door hook ready hanging dopp kits? Neoclassic luggage is brains and beauty, smart and classic. International lawyer and fashion plate Amal Clooney, for one, has been photographed toting respected, Italian made Bric’s luggage paired with an eye catching red leather hatbox style Dolce Gabbana bag.

Are our traveling companions becoming less like Bill Gates’s chinos and more akin to Michael Avenatti’s Tom Ford suits? The baggage claim carousel will tell.

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